Thomas Kmiecik - Co-Founder
Managing Director

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Thomas Kmiecik

as successful businessman

Omni Finances
Claims for his clients
Zetha Media
Biggest ethnic media in UK since 2003
Successful legal cases
Beyond Apartments
Biggest real-estate agency in Cracow

My story

Thomas Kmiecik

My adventure with business started in October 2003 when I was 23 years old. At around that time I set up a media company which after 13 years not only exists but has been doing pretty well. Creating projects, the creation process itself, inventing, thinking, as well as setting up companies are my passion and my hobby. I often tell my friends that I am happy, because frankly I do not work at all. I live my life in accordance with Mark Twain's maxim: "If you love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life".

I have created dozens of short- and long-term projects. Some of them have turned out to be complete failures, others have been in demand. I can accept a failure in business, however I seek to draw conclusions and I love the process of learning from my own mistakes. I have set up several companies and though some no longer exist any more because their service are not needed, some of them have still been prosperous.

My strength not only lie in my extensive knowledge of management, marketing and sales, but also people skills such as interpersonal communication e.g. with my work colleagues. I believe in self-development and invest a lot of time in schooling and the search for new, alternative solution in business. I put a lot of emphasis on quality of a service or product, often at my own expense.

Built from scratch

Thomas Kmiecik

Omni Finances

£43M claims for his clients

Omni Finances (UK) Ltd started providing excellent and unparalleled services throughout the European Union in 2003, and still continue to provide the same kind of service and dedication in the present. Omni can confidently proclaim ourselves as experts in the fields of finance, compensation, insurance, and law.

Zetha Media

2nd biggest ethnic media in UK since 2003

Zetha Media Ltd is the leading Polish language media company in the United Kingdom. It was established in 2003. Activities: offline media including publications such as Polish Express newspaper, Panorama Magazine; online media, including portals such as,,,,; events, including an annual job fair, seminars, business meetings.


The most exciting adventure

I've decided to focus on my new child and the biggest challenge - G1ANT Ltd!

G1ANT Founders

Thomas Kmiecik, Co-Founder

Managing Director

Chris Prusik, Founder

Developer, Architect, Project Manager