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G1ANT allows you to automate mundane tasks and integrate any software


Create virtual workers that type & click just like real users – 24/7/365

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What you can do with G1ANT

Automate tasks

Are you sick and tired of constantly clicking through the same things to achieve a result? Manually modifying Excel cells, copying data between systems, etc. We have created a tool that lets you create robotic workers – you teach them what to do, and they do the clicking & keyboard typing for you!

Our Recorder allows you to record mouse and keyboard movements and then play them back without any coding.

Robots are smart – they can launch many applications, detect delays & loading times, respond contextually to on-screen messages and manipulate complex data, such as forms with shifting order of fields.

See this in action:
See this in action:

Integrate systems

Delivering system integrations takes a lot of effort and money. G1ANT changes this – instead of complex, IT-heavy code writing, why not teach a few virtual workers on how to copy data manually and make them run overnight?

G1ANT is the only option where no existing middleware or APIs exist. All desktop and web apps are supported.

No administrator permissions, database or server access required. Everything is installed on-premise (in your company), doe snot require Internet access and does not log any data. You’re secure and in control.

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Migrate & verify data

Switching to a new system may be bothersome. Many companies stick to inferior solution due to the time & cost associated with data migration, verification and corrections.

G1ANT solves this by allowing you to create an army of virtual workers that migrate your data and verify if it’s correct.

CRM, ERP, issue trackers, knowledge bases, analytics and business intelligence tools are supported.

See this in action:
See this in action:

Morale and productivity boost

You want to attract and retain the best talents and then put them into good use. The problem is, most employees tend to waste time on unnecessary manual operations and jerry-rigging workflows.

Make your employees happy by allowing them to focus only on the creative parts.

Prepare automation for their everyday tasks and allow them to create new ones. Maybe even make a central, company-wide repository so new hires can benefit as well?

Power to the IT

G1ANT also allows you to write custom code. This enables powerful, custom integrations and automation. Even basic knowledge of Python or C# will suffice.

Endless possibilities – use existing addons or write new ones with standarized code in a full code editor.

Your IT will be able to make advanced virtual testers (even self-learning with AI), connect to your systems and make easy to deploy integrations. Administrators will appreciate a central Orchestrator module for managing all virtual workers in 1 screen.

  • Create as many bots as you wish
  • 1-time license fee with no account, subscription or credit card required
  • Orientation on simulating real users
  • Integrates any solution with any desktop or cloud application, even custom-made
  • Easy setting of permissions (robots can work as users with standard user permissions)
  • Open source and with automation code visible – you can trust our code
  • No Internet connection required, we do not collect any data
  • No database or admin access required
  • Can be run on any Windows-based PC (standard or server), and in VMs
  • World-class support with guaranteed SLAs

See G1ANT in action

Get a demo and your questions answered with one of our customer champions.