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What exactly is robotic process automation? Examples of sales and marketing.

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What exactly is robotic process automation? Examples of sales and marketing. - Case study at G1ant Automation

What exactly is robotic process automation? Examples of sales and marketing.

Increased sales, higher customer satisfaction and happier employees are possible with RPA technology. Robots are great at performing repetitive tasks that impact your sales goals, and give your employees time to get creative or talk to customers.
RPA is simply replicating processes and workflows based on your employees’ actions – every single task can be accurately mapped and replicated 24/7.

How Robotic Process Automation Works? Examples from sales.

Customer Order Processing

In fully automated order processing, data entry is performed by the RPA solution.
What are the benefits of customer order processing with a G1ANT Robot?

  • More efficient customer service,
  • elimination of manual data entry,
  • improved data control,
  • better ROI.

Sales processing

Finance analysts have to duplicate the data and store it in another system or application in the same environment. This may result in data duplication, errors and decreased productivity. RPA can automate sales end-to-end, from entering the purchase orders in the system, to invoicing.

Robots can control the entire path of an order – from finalisation to the feedback survey. They automatically sort the letters related to purchases, claims or returns that the shop receives, then complete a catalogue with information about each order and send an appropriate reply to a customer. After completing of the sales process, the robot can be programmed to contact a customer again to obtain feedback on satisfaction. The feedback can be catalogued and, in the case of extreme opinions, a robot will signal a deviation from the programmed norm. This considerably improves communication with customers and increases their satisfaction with the transaction.

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Robotic process Automation in data analytics

Marketing and consumer behaviour research requires a thorough analysis of vast amounts of sales data. The findings serve as the basis for business strategies concerning promotions or product launches, and help to reduce customer churn. In analytical processes, RPA tools facilitate the generation of comprehensive reports on customer behaviour and their preferences. RPA can simplify the sales process and reduce churn rates as it allows for an immediate response – prospects become actual customers. Furthermore, a long-term analysis increases sales forecasting accuracy which supports the optimization of inventory, warehouse operations and raw materials flow – especially in the FMCG sector.

Robotic Process Automation – Examples of marketing

In retail sales, the most costly marketing activities are related to promotions. This results from the fact that the collection and analysis of data is a prerequisite for efficient retail promotions. Robots perform this much faster and with greater accuracy than human employees entering the data in Excel. Another instance of marketing processes that need to be automated is the discount management in the grocery industry. It’s a kind of promotion used by shops to incentivise or supplement product sales. Basically, automated discount processes serve as a tool to improve pricing efficiency as they eliminate all variable costs.

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