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Automation of reporting for the industry department  - Case study at G1ant Automation
Client: Company from the industry department
Name: Automation of reporting for the industry department
Implemented: Within a week
Saved time: ca. 40 hours per month
ROI: 6 300 $ per annum / 25% per year

About the client

Our client is a huge international company mostly managing processes of refining, transporting, trading and marketing of petroleum products. 

Motivators for robotization

The petroleum market is very specific. As the fuel industry is regulated, it requires many restrictions. A detailed verification of contractors is one of them. 

The client prepared regular reports resulting from characteristics of his business and required to run it. The reporting process was cumbersome for the employees due to the repetitiveness, arduousness, and demanded early morning hours for generating documents. 


Our goal was to deploy robots to automate the execution of regular reports on contractors – automation of reporting.

We divided our efforts into two stages: audit and automation.


The audit covered activities: 

  • related to performing the diagnosis of the client’s technical infrastructure
  • related to the analysis of the reporting process, including report generation conditions, tools supporting generation, related systems, methods of integration between systems, etc.


In the automation stage we: 

  • developed a methodology for the automation of existing systems
  • performed solution tests
  • measured the parameters of the solution according to the specific client’s needs.
  • implemented improvements
  • launched the robot production


Description of the work performed by a robot

Robot monitors the currently defined database of contractors in government databases of companies authorized to trade in fuels. Robot generates a report on the status of concessions and the type of business, and creates a separate report on companies with negative versification (concession expiry, revocation of concession, no concession, etc.).

The result: automation of reporting process. Saved time of report generation. Ensuring and keeping strict conditions for report generation and delivery time to employees.

Each day the client saves time on launching reports generation, closing the process, creating files, saving certificates, concessions, etc. The whole process takes about 2 hours every day, which means that the robot generates savings of about 40 hours of employee’s work on a monthly basis.

Brief description of the view of many case studies

The client approached us with a regular and painstaking reporting process. The implementation of our robots for automation of reporting took the burden off the employees and resulted in savings of 40 hours per month. Read about what this project was like.

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