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Automation of entering customer information into the CRM system - Case study at G1ant Automation
Client: Canadian finance company (investments)
Name: Automation of entering customer information into the CRM system
Implemented: within a week
Saved time: 90 hours monthly
ROI: 53 000$ per annum

About the client

Our client is a Canadian financial services company (6 employees in the customer service department), where professional and direct contact with an individual client is essential.

The financial services industry mainly benefits from harnessing advances in automation as RPA tools allow increasing integration between financial services and customer needs.

Motivators of robotization in the customer service department

The critical process for the customer service department is the onboarding process, which includes administrative tasks consisting in manually entering and verifying information about new customers. 

A large number of new investment applications and the time-consuming manual entry process resulted in overcrowding. Therefore on average, they had to send 67% of applications to other departments every month. Unfortunately, other departments have not provided the same quality of customer service that the Direct Client team offers.

Therefore, they searched for a process automation solution that would help reduce the burden of data entry and management.

Direct Client team was created to build strong relationships with new customers and educate them about the services offered. When an employee is busy filling out documents, he cannot devote enough time to the client.

The audit covered activities:


Employees pointed to the dissonance between their primary goal of providing positive experiences to new customers by conducting personalized, informative conversations with them – and the actual work, which was dominated by mundane and repetitive tasks – filling in customer data and entering into the system.

  • as customer journey experience and investment education are essential, advisors should spend the most time on these tasks.
  • the robot should save time spent on peripheral tasks.
  • the team need stimulation and development and decrease repetitive and mundane tasks. 

Before implementing automation, the team could handle, on average, only 42% of customer requests.


In the automation phase we:


  • developed a methodology for the automation of existing systems
  • performed tests of payroll automation solutions
  • measured the parameters of the solution according to the specific client’s needs.
  • implemented improvements
  • launched the production of the robot

Description of the work performed by a robot

The G1ANT robot can perfectly imitate human action when performing repetitive and time-consuming activities. In addition to saving time, the key benefit was reliability due to the absence of errors. 

Monthly, the Direct Client department received 37% of all notifications in the company, which meant 600 investments for which the RPA solution could be a great support.

Completing the documents takes approximately 10 minutes which takes 6000 minutes monthly for the entire team. Subtracting one minute from this to validate the data (to reassure the employee), we will get 5400 free minutes, translating to an additional 15 hours per team member per month to use for customer services activities. 


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