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Payroll automation for HR department - Case study at G1ant Automation
Client: UK-based HR services company
Name: Payroll automation for HR department
Implemented: One week
Saved time: Time spent on that task decreased by 920% per month
ROI: Over 10%

About the client

Our client is a UK-based HR services company, which contributes to increasing the number of talents.

They help to create a proper recruitment process, focusing on key factors that determine the efficiency.  As a result, acquiring a valuable employee is much easier.

Motivators for robotization

The company wanted to manage leaves and other forms of employee absence. They used a tool (a web application) for applying for leaves, accepting applications from superiors and reporting sick leaves.


Basing on monthly statements, the internal HR department performed payroll calculations using another offline HR software. The majority of work was done manually, thus the process had to be performed repeatedly every month. Our goal was to implement robots to automate payroll processes in the company and to discontinue manual recalculation of data. We divided our efforts into two phases: audit and automation.


The audit covered activities:


  • related to performing the diagnosis of the client’s technical infrastructure
  • related to the analysis of the Payroll process, related systems, methods of integration between systems, etc.


In the automation phase we:


  • developed a methodology for the automation of existing systems
  • performed tests of payroll automation solutions
  • measured the parameters of the solution according to the specific client’s needs.
  • implemented improvements
  • launched the production of the robot

Description of the work performed by a robot

Preparing and automation sending information to employees to check if they are not in the system by the end of each month and to remind managers to check the data. On the first day of the new month the robot collects data from the web application, uploads them to the HR application and launches the payroll module. The automatically generated initial salary is sent for review and approval to an HR specialist.

The robot prepares a collective payroll and insurance premium transfer file, uploads it to the electronic banking system and notifies the Managing Director of the necessity to accept payroll transfers for employees.

The result: 

The freed up resources (man-hours) are to support the HR department in soft projects such as training and employer branding.

The number of errors resulting from incorrect data transfer between systems has dropped to 0.

The notification system has contributed to the improvement of this process.

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