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Processing insurance claims more efficiently by over 90% using RPA

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Processing insurance claims more efficiently by over 90% using RPA - Case study at G1ant Automation
Client: Spanish leading insurance provider
Name: Processing insurance claims more efficiently by over 90% using RPA
Implemented: 3 weeks
Saved time: 40 hours weekly
ROI: 50%

About the client

Leading insurance provider in Spain, the client, has a well-established presence there and a distinguished clientele.

Motivation to implement RPA solution:

The company had a problem with the processing of claims, which was highly inefficient and took too long, resulting in a dearth of claims being handled each day. Information was manually extracted from its historical systems, and payment of claims was processed after that with a lot of work going into validating the claims. This process had grown very time-consuming and complicated, leaving too much room for human mistakes and, generally speaking, taking longer to process claims and payments.

The organization became interested in robotic process automation (RPA) as a way to streamline and automate the handling of claims. It was believed that for the client to attain customer excellence and complete customer happiness, quick claim processing and prompt payment to end customers were essential.

In the automation phase we have:

  • developed a methodology for automating existing systems conducted tests of solutions
  • measured the parameters of the solution according to the specific needs of the customer
  • implemented improvements
  • launched production of the robot


RPA solution has given the client numerous advantages in terms of process effectiveness, team productivity, cost reduction with error-free processing, and most significantly, quick service and improved customer experience.

  • Efficiency increase of over 90% as claims processing goes from 90 minutes to less than 10 minutes
  • The claims specialists’ labor-intensive physical duty was reduced, which gave them more time to engage in other tasks and significantly increased the team’s total productivity
  • Processing error rate decreased to 0% (zero percent)
  • Significantly more claims can be processed each day, which results in prompt claim payments and complete client satisfaction
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