Free automation implementation (POC) and free RPA software
We've taken the extraordinary measure of providing our clients with complimentary implementation of our automation solutions.

In addition, we're granting access to our high-end software, entirely free, for a trial period of three months.

This unique offering provides an opportunity to witness firsthand how potent automation can transform your business processes, enhance productivity, and enable a greater emphasis on essential objectives.

Seize this chance to uncover the strength of effective automation within your organization
  • 8 years on the market

    We have 8 years of experience in automation, which allows us to provide the highest quality solutions to our clients
  • 2000 processes

    We have automated over 2,000 processes, which translates into significant optimization of time and costs for our clients.
  • 150+ partners

    Our software is available through a global network with over 150 partners in 57 countries
  • Flexibility

    We provide our clients with a flexible price list of services that allows you to adjust the offer to individual needs and requirements

Success stories of our clients
We are pleased to present several case studies of our clients who have used our services and achieved significant successes.
ROI: 75%
Savings: 120 hours per month
ROI: 50%
Savings: 40 hours a week
ROI: 145%
Savings: 436 hours per month
Energy & public services
ROI: 170%
Savings: 400 hours a day
ROI: 80%
Savings: $160,000 annually
ROI: 20%
Savings: 50 000 euro per month
ROI: 150%
Savings: 100 hours per month
ROI: 630%
Savings: $35 200 per year
Quality Managment
ROI: 1349%
Savings: $162 766 per year
Briefly about us
G1ANT is a British company with Polish roots that specializes in the production of innovative solutions in the field of advanced task automation in large companies, such as RPA. Our company offers not only automation implementations, but also has created and provides customers with three unique products - G1ANT.Studio, G1ANT.Orchestrator and G1ANT.ProcessMining. Our software is fully adapted to the business needs of our clients and allows for effective management of business processes, optimization of working time and increasing productivity.
Our Story
We are starting operations as a startup in London with an office on Oxford Street
First technological implementations in London's Metro Bank and the Polish insurance company Unum
Technology of the Year 2017 award granted in London by Bloomberg
Securing 15 million PLN for the development of our company's technology, opening an office in Warsaw
We become a part of Rethmann Group, a company founded in 1934 with 88 thousand employees worldwide and a revenue of 22 billion Euros
Our company secures 22 technological partners in 30 countries around the world
First technological implementations on production lines
We become a partner of the global company Microsoft
G1ANT on the podium of the SoftwareReviews report and the winner of the emotional ranking
of RPA 2021
We are proud to announce that G1ANT has become one of the winners in the category "Robotic Process Automation Emotional Footprint 2021 and 2022.
In addition, according to SoftwareReviews reports, we are one of the TOP 4 RPA companies on the market. We are glad that the industry has noticed our strength and innovation and is recognized by experts.
Our software is based on a scripting language, including G1ANT.Studio, G1ANT.Orchestrator and G1ANT.ProcessMining, is open, transparent, secure and easy to implement, which translates into positive customer feedback. This motivates us to constantly improve our solutions and continue working on meeting the needs of our customers
Benefits of implementing automation
Here are some benefits of implementing automation - Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • 40% savings
      Thanks to the use of our RPA solutions, you can save up to 40% of the costs related to the employment of employees
    • 5 x efficiency
      The use of RPA can increase company efficiency up to five times by eliminating repetitive business processes, which translates into time savings and increased throughput
    • No human errors
      Automation of business processes through the use of RPA eliminates the risk of human errors, which translates into an increase in the quality of performed tasks
    • Implementation at a fraction of the cost
      Our RPA solutions allow you to implement business process automation with minimal costs, which translates into savings for your company
    • Integration without disrupting operations
      Our RPA solutions allow for integration with existing systems, without the risk of disrupting their operation

    • Increased employee satisfaction
      The implementation of RPA can increase employee satisfaction by eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on more valuable tasks and positively affects team morale
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