Record & replay your actions

Automate mundane tasks

Are you sick and tired of constantly clicking through the same things to achieve a result? Manually modifying Excel cells, copying data between systems, etc. We have created a tool that lets you create robotic workers – you teach them what to do, and they do the clicking & keyboard typing for you!

How it works?

With G1ANT Recorder you can easily create scripts or virtual workers, clicking with the mouse and typing with keyboards instead of humans.

This is a paramount productivity boost for any company – robots are 12 times faster than an average human, make no mistakes, and work 24/7.

Robots are smart – they can launch many applications, detect delays & loading times, respond contextually to on-screen messages and manipulate complex data, such as forms with shifting order of fields.

Our Recorder allows you to record mouse and keyboard movements and then play them back without any coding.

We are currently working on an AI module that will allow you to create self-learning bots. Sign up now to start!

  • Create as many bots as you wish
  • 1-time license fee with no account, subscription or credit card required
  • Orientation on simulating real users
  • Integrates any solution with any desktop or cloud application, even custom-made
  • Easy setting of permissions (robots can work as users with standard user permissions)
  • Open source and with automation code visible – you can trust our code
  • No Interne connection required, we do not collect any data
  • No database or admin access required
  • Can be run on any Windows-based PC (standard or server), and in VMs

How to start?

We are currently preparing for launch - reserve your copy now!