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What is Virtual Reality (VR)

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What is Virtual Reality (VR) - Case study at G1ant Automation

What is Virtual Reality (VR)


In simple terms, Virtual Reality is a presentation of the virtual world where the objects we see appear to be physically present. Deprived of stimuli from the outside world, we experience the so-called state of immersion, i.e. the virtual world’s sensory. 

Thanks to 360 applications and VR, we can dwell in different worlds. Importantly, most VR experiences allow us to be in places that are not accessible to everyone, such as art galleries and museums. Moreover, you can create fantasy and science fiction worlds using Virtual Reality.


Gesture recognition and hand controllers ensure body tracking, and tactile (or touch-sensitive) feedback can be incorporated. Systems organized in rooms (studios), provide a 3D experience when moving around large spaces, and can be used by multiple participants.


VR is mainly used in entertainment, but it is gaining popularity in the design of urban spaces, and other innovative solutions.

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