Citrix XenApps automation

Citrix XenApps automation  

Business automation tools called Robot Process Automation (RPA), provide a new powerful tool for testers and business users doing testing, especially in the context of implementing large scale standard systems like Citrix XenApps.

Automate business processes – see the video for an example!

How it works?

Robotics Process Automation is a set of highly extensible business automation software. The titular robots are, in fact, scripts or virtual workers, clicking with the mouse and typing with keyboards instead of humans.

This is a paramount productivity boost for any company – robots are 12 times faster than an average human, make no mistakes, and work 24/7.

Compared to Selenium or other testing tools, RPA has much more comprehensive coverage, is platform independent, doesn’t require separate testing environments and is much better at mimicking real users.

The Recorder module allows you to record mouse and keyboard movements and then play them back without any coding.

You only need a single person with basic knowledge of Python, Java, or C# programming languages to start advanced automation.

  • Much more advanced test case automation compared to standard tools
  • Full support for all major web browsers
  • Orientation on simulating real users
  • Integrates any solution with any desktop or cloud application, even custom-made
  • Easy setting of permissions (robots can work as users with standard user permissions)
  • Open source and with automation code visible – easy for audits and compliance
  • Much easier to set up, support for Artificial Intelligence
  • No database or admin access required
  • Can be run on any Windows-based PC (standard or server), and in VMs
  • Only rudimentary knowledge of Python or C# recommended to start

How to start?

We are currently preparing for launch - licenses are distributed manually in exchange for feedback!