Automate XYZ to ZYX

Connect XYZ to ZYS (or anything else!)

G1ANT Robotics Process Automation software allows you to teach and deploy software robots –  scripts or virtual workers, clicking with the mouse and typing with keyboards instead of humans.


They can copy and process any kind of data in any web or desktop application, allowing you to integrate anything with anything no coding knowledge, webhooks, API or paid plans of the tools required!

How it works?

The traditional approach to integrating different software was to either make your own tools, or try to somehow tie together what exists with APIs and Webhooks. We have just made things easier.

With G1ANT, you can create robotic software workers. First, you show them what to do – with your own keyboard and mouse. For example, you show them the files, which data to copy, and where, how to save and whom to notify, and so on. You do this only once – when done, the robot is ready and you can simply start it to see it working.

Compared to other tools on the market, G1ANT allows you to automate desktop and web applications in any combinations, is not priced by the number of tools or automations done you have, and is much more secure with how it processes data.

Since the robots do only what you have shown them and they work on a standard user account, they will never do anything harmful. Oh, and we do not log anything or connect to any kind of servers – the tool works on your computer and stays there along with your data.

  • Much more advanced automation comapared to Zapier or standard plugins
  • Integrates any solution with any desktop or cloud application, even custom-made
  • The only way to integrate things where no API or premade integrations exist
  • Easy setting of permissions (robots can work as users with standard user permissions)
  • Fully open source and with automation code visible – easy for audits and compliance
  • OCR support for scanning physical documents and responding to specific on-screen notifications
  • No database or admin access required
  • Can be run on any Windows-based PC (standard or server), and in VMs
  • Even more powerful if you now basic coding (Python or C#)

How to start?

We are currently preparing for launch - licenses are distributed manually in exchange for feedback!

Atlassian Marketplace launch planned for Q3