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We created a software platform for humans to deploy highly skilled robots.

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Less work, more results

Focus on higher level tasks, and let our technology handle the rest.

Boost Efficiency

A robot doesn’t need any time off, lunch breaks or sleep. It can work for you 365 days in a year 24/7 and always has the same level of motivation.

Reduce costs

Employing robots can reduce your labour costs by 25 to 40 percent, making it a great long time investment with relatively quick ROI.

Increase satisfaction

Thanks to hiring robots, employees can now focus on more creative processes and spend more time with their customers. This creates happier customers and even more satisfied staff.

Facilitate governance

Robots can precisely measure all the activities they perform, which allows you to analyse each automated process, and notice elements that could be improved or simplified.

Improve agility

Robotic technology can execute a variety of tasks, in a non-disruptive way. Robots can work with all your current platforms and applications, naturally adjusting to your company as it evolves.

Standardise processes

Unlike humans, robots are capable of ideally performing the same activity every single time. You can now set completely new standards that your robots will achieve every single time.

Three simple steps

Let us do all the work.

1. Performance audit

By analysing and monitoring all the processes and actions performed by your employees we will show you how to increase the performance of your business.

2. Work automation

We program the robots to automate all the repeatable basic tasks. Focus only on the creative and analytical activities and let the robots do the rest.

3. Technology transformation

Take your business to a whole new level. Maximise your efficiency, minimise costs and increase employee satisfaction with ongoing support and training provided by our team.

Befriend G1ANT Robots

Watch how our robot is working for you.

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That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for your company