One language to rule them all

One robot studio to robotize any platform or app
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Robotise any platform or app

One language, thousands of possibilities

Web automation

Use DOM, html elements and javascript injection.

Desktop apps

Automate mouse, keyboard and window elements.

Console apps

Use OCR to find elements and clipboard to capture data.

Mainframe systems

Use AS400 connector, VNC or Remote Desktop Protocol.

Mobile apps

Control and monitor Android devices with our connector.

In-built systems

Control devices by mouse or keyboard with our hardware.

API automation

Use Windows COM objects or remote REST web services.

Artificial inteligence

Make the most of built-in IBM Watson and Google AI.

Use the most open robot studio

We believe in creativity. Add your own language features e.g. structures, commands, triggers, special variables, as well as Studio UI extensions like panels and wizards. You can also sell your own add-ons through our website, if you like.

Suit the workspace to your preferences by changing the font family and its size, word wrapping and styling for your code in the script editor.

Customizable IDE

IntelliSense suggests commands, their arguments and values as you type. It also displays tooltips for every selected item.

Smart Code Completion

Retrieve data from other apps, websites, documents and images, no matter how it is presented to a user — textually or graphically.

Scrapping and OCR Tools

Run your scripts conditionally based on time scheduling, file events or mail monitoring.

Time and File Triggers

Easily insert C# snippets into your code to extend the possibilities and features of your script.

C# Injections

Increase the power of G1ANT.Language and make G1ANT.Robot smarter by writing your own add-ons in C#.

Custom add-ons in C#