We create robots

We have created an open robotic process automation platform.

What’s what

G1ANT is a software that can work exactly with the same way as office employees; humans working on their computers. Our robot interacts with the user interface of a computer system exactly as a human. G1ANT lets you create a robot to help and automate any repetitive tasks. Once deployed, your robot will do all the work for you.

We want humans
to stay humans

Our mission is to create a better working world. We want to free up human workers by moving people away from boring, repetitive tasks; allowing them to focus on higher value activities such as creativity, judgement and problem solving, with the background support of robots.

Less work, more results

G1ANT reads your clicks and actions on the screen and then turns them into action! Thanks to that you can focus on higher value tasks and let the robot handle the rest

No downtime

Robot doesn’t need any time off, lunch breaks or sleep. It can work 24/7 and 365 days a year and always has the same level of motivation.Perfect employee, right?

Reduced cost

Employing robots can reduce your headcount costs by 25% to 40% making it a great long time investment with quick ROI.

Employee satisfaction

Employees can now focus on more creative processes and spend more time with customers. Happy employees mean happy customers.

Customized flexibility

RPA technology can execute a variety of tasks, in a non-disruptive way. Robots can work with all platforms and applications, naturally adjusting to your company as it evolves, without the need to re-engineer your legacy systems.

Easy improvements

Robots can precisely measure all the activities they perform, which allows you to analyse each automated process, and notice elements that could be improved or simplified.

Erradicate human error

Unlike humans, robots are capable of performing a task in a standardised way every single time.There is no room for human error –thanks to robots you can now achieve 100% quality every single time.

Our clients

Our partners

Brains behind the robot

Magdalena Denik

Tomasz Kmiecik

Krzysztof Prusik

Grzegorz Kozioł

Bartosz Kochanowski

Przemysław Witusik

Marcin Machowski

Wiktoria Prusik

Michał Adamski


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