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What’s what

G1ANT.Studio is a software that can work exactly with the same way as office employees; humans working on their computers. Our robot interacts with the user interface of a computer system exactly as a human. G1ANT.Studio lets you create a robot to help and automate any repetitive tasks. Once deployed, your robot will do all the work for you.

The easiest RPA tool



Build your own or use one of many already created add-ons. Don't limit yourself and take advantage of this great G1ANT.Studio's feature.


C# injections

If you ever encounter a problem that is hard to solve with G1ANT.Language commands, you can always use C# snippets embedded directly in your script. You can’t beat the power of two languages!



G1ANT.Studio weights only 115 MB. No installation nor additional components are required. Genuinely lightweight.



Developers can use G1ANT.Studio indefinitely and don’t have to pay a dime for it. There’s no easier way to start your RPA development journey.


Pure code

G1ANT.Language was created with RPA developers in mind and is built on commands that serve a sole purpose of automating Windows applications. Things you would have to do using many lines of code in other programming languages, here are executed with just a couple of commands.


Comprehensive help

IntelliSense technology will suggest you commands and arguments as you type, providing also tooltips; tutorials for beginners will guide you through the basics of the language and tutorials for advanced developers will show some unique features of our tool; the Manual describes everything else in detail and gives some practical examples of usage.


G1ANT.Studio is and always will be free. You can use it for development purposes as much as you want . You only start paying when you start using your developed robot comercially. And even then, you have very elastic plans to choose from.



Pay for minutes is a plan where you pay only for the time that your robot is running.
How do we count it? Simply. Timer start when you run the script and stops when you stop it. You can still use your G1ANT. Studio for developing, for free, without losing minutes that you bought. Simply switch to your developer license, anytime. Also, you can use your minutes whenever you want. No expiration date.

Pay for months is a plan where you pay for the defined amount of time and you can use the G1ANT.Studio as much as you want, without any limitations.



1-time payment, auto-renew available.



1-time payment, auto-renew available.


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RPA Industry

Why RPA?

Before you sink in one or more programming languages for good, consider a relatively easy, yet profitable career path: becoming an RPA specialist, who develops robots that automate burdensome, dull tasks now executed by humans day by day. You might wonder, what’s so special about robotic process automation that could drag you away from “normal” software development. Well, the answer is simple: money! As well as splendor and being a part of a relatively new industry, which blossoms just now. The global RPA market grows like crazy: last year its size was valued around USD 600 million and it’s estimated that within the next five-six years it will be worth USD 4 to even 7 billion, depending on a research. In other words, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be around 30% — a factor not commonly found in other IT services and solutions. And there’s a huge demand for RPA developers, because this fresh industry is yet to produce its specialists.

Coding, no dragging

There are many RPA platforms on the market and most of them don’t require coding — at least at the beginning. You don’t have to know any programming language to start using an RPA application and robotize a process, since many of these tools leverage graphical user interface (GUI), in which you set up algorithms, conditions, loops and parameters for your processes: point and click, drag and drop, draw flows, enter data and you’re done. Easy, right? Not quite. We at G1ANT know that sooner or later an RPA developer will have to resort to some coding, either in C#, VisualBasic, Java or other language for more complex tasks or JavaScript for browser automation. To put it simply, coding is not required to start your RPA development journey, but is inevitable in the long run.

G1ANT.Studio is free

We decided to build an RPA tool, which is purely based on scripts. We also created a new language designed solely for robotization of processes: it’s powerful, simple and fairly easy to learn. You can master it within hours thanks to our tutorials and a comprehensive manual. And, if you are C# proficient, you can always use C# snippets embedded in robot scripts. Or you can even write your own addons to expand the capabilities of our robot. We believe that this approach — a code-based RPA platform — is the best solution both for beginners and advanced developers. The first will find it easy to enter the world of programming, with coding focused on RPA: no useless knowledge, no complex code to execute a simple RPA task — just an efficient way to accomplish robotization goals. The latter will appreciate the flexible nature of G1ANT.Studio, which gives the power and versatility of scripting and allows solving any problems or limitations with C# snippets and custom addons.

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