Optimization in education: increasing administrative efficiency and improving data management by 80%.

The network of educational institutions from the UK is a prestigious group that oversees hundreds of schools worldwide.
The educational network has been grappling with challenges related to complex and time-consuming administrative processes, such as data entry, lesson planning, and student information management. Manual operations often led to errors and were insufficiently efficient.
  • ROI: 150%

    Return on investment 150%
    Error reduction by 80%

  • Implementation:

    The implementation took us 18 days
  • Saving:

    100 hours per month
  • Cost:

    $520 monthly fee

Our team effectively introduced automation into the existing systems of the educational network, conducting thorough testing and tailoring the solution parameters to the specific needs of the client. The result of these actions was the launch of a robot that took over the task of handling thousands of entries and transactions per month, related to student data management, data entry, and lesson planning.
Administrative efficiency increased by 50%, exceeding the original goal by 10%. Processes that were previously time-consuming and error-prone were automated, allowing staff to focus on tasks of greater value.
Thanks to RPA, data management improved by 80%, exceeding expectations by an additional 20%. Student data, such as grades, attendance, or course enrollments, were accurate, current, and available in real time.
Additionally, robots reduced errors in administrative processes by up to 90%. The elimination of human errors contributed to greater precision and credibility of the data.
The overall productivity of the administrative team increased by 60%, bringing additional operational benefits and efficiency to the educational network. As a result, the implementation of automation had a significant impact on the operation of the educational network, improving its administrative efficiency, data management, and the quality of processes.
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