Become a G1ANT Ambassador
Get a 10% referral bonus!

We invite people employed in the company who want to improve operational efficiency and increase business potential through the use of automation to take advantage of the innovative solutions of our company G1ANT, tailored to the individual needs of each organization.

By recommending our company, you not only receive a 10% bonus on the value of the automation process at the organization recommended by you, but also actively contribute to the development of your own organization by implementing effective automation solutions.

Our innovative solutions are tailored to the individual needs of each organization and allow you to increase operational efficiency and achieve higher business potential. We are convinced that thanks to our cooperation we will achieve success and contribute to the growth of your organization.
  • 8 years on the market

    We have 8 years of experience in automation, which allows us to provide the highest quality solutions to our clients
  • 2000 processes

    We have automated over 2,000 processes, which translates into significant optimization of time and costs for our clients
  • 150+ partners

    Our software is available through a global network with over 150 partners in 57 countries
  • Flexibility

    We provide our clients with a flexible price list of services that allows you to adjust the offer to individual needs and requirements
10% referral bonus!
For example, if the customer decides to automate the process with our company, the value of which is PLN 43,500, in accordance with our ambassador program, a bonus of 10% of this amount, i.e. PLN 4,350, will be paid to you for a successful customer recommendation. In this way, we would like to thank you for your support in acquiring new customers.
How does this work?
You recommend us an interested customer
Give our automation expert the contact of a person who is interested in increasing the potential of their enterprise with automation. After receiving the contact, we will contact the potential client and start the verification process to provide the best and most tailored solutions. Thank you for your trust and support in acquiring new customers.
We automate the client's process
After deciding to cooperate with our company, we start the process of automating the processes selected by the client or suggested by us. Our team of automation experts makes every effort to ensure that the automation process meets the client's expectations and provides the highest quality solutions that will increase business efficiency.
We pay you a 10% referral bonus
The Customer Referral Bonus will be paid upon completion of the Customer's automation process. Our company makes every effort to ensure that the automation process runs smoothly and effectively, and that the customer is satisfied with the solutions received. After the Client confirms that the automation process has been completed, the bonus will be paid as agreed in our ambassador program.
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To take advantage of the opportunity to participate in our exclusive ambassador program, please contact our program representatives, Mr. Jacek Głowacki and Mr. Marcin Borowski. Our experts will be happy to provide you with any information regarding the program and help in its implementation. We are convinced that our ambassador program is an excellent opportunity for success and business growth.

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