Spain's leading insurance provider, the client has a well-established market presence and a distinguished clientele.

The company had a problem with inefficient and lengthy claims processing, which resulted in a low number of claims processed per day.

Manually retrieving information from historical systems and validating claims before disbursement made the process time-consuming, complex and prone to human error. The organization's interest in the roboticization of business processes (RPA) stemmed from the need to provide excellent service and customer satisfaction through fast processing of claims and immediate payment.
  • ROI: 50%

    50% return on investment
  • Implementation:

    The implementation took us 21 days
  • Saving:

    40 hours a weekly
  • Cost:

    EURO 1186 per month

Our team developed a methodology for automating existing systems, and then tested the proposed solutions. During the testing phase, it was noticed that some of the current solutions were inconsistent, which led us to systematize the data in different systems during the automation process. Then, the parameters of the solution were measured, adapting them to the individual needs of the client. After introducing improvements, the production of the robot was launched, which was aimed at improving business processes in the client's company.
The result is that the robot handles 80% of the business process. The robot has no limit to the number of invoices it can process, it is able to handle all invoices and never gets tired or makes mistakes.
The employee's task is to work on reports generated by the robot and make transfers.
It is possible to process more invoices. The robot does not make mistakes and the process is standardized. Employees have been freed from routine work, thanks to which they can concentrate on higher-level activities. There is no need to hire additional employees. Savings on hiring an additional employee amount to approximately USD 40,000 per year.
The automation took a week to develop and another week to test, customize and deploy. We managed to save about 120 hours of employees' time per month. The expected return on investment for one year is at least 75%.
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