The French company specializes in transport services and supply chain management, famous for its fleet of rental trucks and dedicated transport for 50,000 customers producing consumer goods.

Our client received invoices for fuel in an unstructured form. Invoices had to be converted into a structured format in order to settle accounts receivable from suppliers and vendors. This element was of key importance to the client's core business. The invoice required manual validation and integration with the system. The client expressed a wish to automate the entire process.
  • ROI: 145%

    145% return on investment
  • Implementation:

    The implementation took us 21 days
  • Saving:

    436 hours per month
  • Cost:

    EURO 17739 one-time fee

The robot that automates the process of processing fuel invoices facilitated the service, regardless of the variety of formats and transmission channels used by suppliers. In the first phase, our team focused on unifying the receipt of invoices from all suppliers, including those sent by e-mail and traditional mail. The implementation of this task required the introduction of paper invoices into the system in a way that allows their structuring after scanning and appropriate storage in the client's folders. Thanks to this, both electronic and paper invoices could be processed in an automated manner, which contributed to increasing the efficiency of the process and customer satisfaction.
The company successfully reduced the processing time of fuel costs thanks to the implementation of work process automation (RPA), which made it possible to read e-mails directly from suppliers and contractors, as well as automatically download invoices with attachments. Thanks to this solution, the relevant data from invoices are automatically downloaded and transformed, which significantly increases the efficiency and quality of data processing. RPA robots are responsible for data validation, integration and cleaning, as well as automatic formatting of spreadsheets into the desired format. Equally important, our client achieved additional benefits from the implementation of RPA, namely a significant reduction of employee frustration due to frequent questions about payment from suppliers and avoiding the cost of penalties resulting from late payment of invoices.
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