A manufacturing company from Canada, a leader in its industry, is struggling with an operational challenge related to processing hundreds of monthly invoices from numerous suppliers.

Its main processes are based on the SAP system, which until now has required manual data entry from invoices. Four full-time employees were employed to process invoices, leading to significant delays and potential errors. The customer, focused on improving efficiency and quality of processes, decided to implement our technology to modernize and streamline its invoice processing procedures.
  • ROI: 80%

    Human Resources Relief
  • Implementation:

    The implementation took us 12 days
  • Saving:

    $160,000 annually
  • Cost:

    $62,000 annually

In the case study discussed, an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) bot, through the implementation of the G1ANT solution, automatically reads and extracts data from various types of invoices, which are semi-structured or unstructured. This task covers both scanned documents and image-based documents. After extraction, the bot processes the data, transforming it into a format that can be easily imported into the SAP system. The bot then automatically enters the processed data into this system. This process, which was previously manually performed by four full-time employees, is now automated, significantly speeding up the invoice processing. Additionally, due to its scalability, the RPA bot can adjust to an increased number of invoices. This means that as the number of invoices grows, the bot can be easily scaled to cope with the larger load, without the need to increase the number of employees. As a result, the company is better prepared for future growth while maintaining process efficiency.
The implementation of RPA significantly transformed the invoice processing system. By taking over the tedious task of transcribing data with the RPA solution, the company was able to free up valuable human resources for more strategic tasks. Processing speed significantly increased, which drastically reduced delays caused by manual processing and hierarchical approvals. Moreover, the scalable nature of the RPA solution provided the means to cope with an increase in the number of invoices, without the need to hire additional human resources.
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