Customer service automation in a medium-sized software providing company

A dynamic software provider noticed some challenges in their sales department. Despite significant traffic on the company's website, there were many issues with effectively managing inquiries from potential customers who filled out contact forms. Due to a one-way email notification system, information was often inaccurate, leading to misunderstandings and missed opportunities to establish new business relationships.
  • ROI: 630%

    Return on investment 630%
  • Implementation:

    The implementation took us 14 days
  • Saving:

    $35 200 per year
  • Cost:

    $520 monthly fee

In our solution, the robot plays a key role in managing potential customers. Upon receiving an email notification when a client fills out a form on the website, the robot retrieves all the information contained in the form, such as name, email address, phone number, etc. Then, the robot accesses the company's CRM system and creates a new contact card, filling in all the required details. After creating the card, the robot assigns the potential client to the appropriate sales representative and applies all the relevant tags. At the end of the process, the robot sends an email to the potential client, informing him or her about who and when will contact them regarding their inquiry. In this way, the robot serves as a key tool in managing and sorting potential clients, allowing sales representatives to focus on selling and building relationships with customers.
With the introduction of this new technology, the company significantly improved its customer management processes. Automation not only sped up the process of assigning clients to sales representatives but also reduced the number of errors and misunderstandings, resulting in customer satisfaction and increased sales. The robot, as a tool for sorting and organizing, proved to be an indispensable element of the process, allowing the sales team to focus on building relationships with customers and selling products. This change transformed the way the company managed its potential clients, leading to increased efficiency and improved company results.
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